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AwareComm does not sell or give your information to third parties.   Your Name and email is stored on your local device for your convenience and recorded for registration and support on the AwareComm secured servers.  Any questions or concerns please contact us.

The content is the owned by AwareComm and the respective reference owners of the Videos, Books and audios, Please be sure to refer to the references at the end of each of the eBooks etc. for the copyright owner of the material.

The installation of the apps is acceptance of this agreement entitles the license holder of this software to begin the educational exploration for non-commercial use.

The license holder cannot loan, copy, transmit, or disseminate in any fashion, the purchased software, the structure, the  process, or models used in the educational process to any person or organization without written consent of Awareness Communication Technology, LLC .

The license holder further acknowledges and agrees to the following:
1.  That I shall not commence any legal action or assert any claim against Awareness Communication Technology, LLC, its author(s), Personal Learning Technology, eMod Learning Systems, or any other licensee or representative of the Process, based on any matter arising out of or in connection with the software or the educational process.

2.  That no promise of result has been made to me by Awareness Communication Technology, LLC  or any other licensee or representative of the Process.

3.  That I understand and agree that the Process is educational in nature and is not intended to be used as a replacement for professional services.

4.  That the content and design of this software is owned by Richard D. Jorgensen and is protected by US copyright laws, US patent laws and international treaty provisions.

5.  That I agree (except as described above) not to loan, copy, appropriate, or disseminate in any fashion -- physical, electronic, or other ways -- any of these confidential materials, and upon violation will return these immediately to any authorized representative.

 6.  That I agree this software is to be used only under license.  I agree to refer others to Awareness Communication Technology, LLC or its licensed representatives.




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AwareComm's Culture

           Building Corporate Social Responsibility...
                       By Creating Individual Social Responsibility‚Ķ
                                                One Stakeholder at a Time

AwareComm's culture is founded in the Culture Program taught by rooted in:

Corporate Absolutes

              Purity of Intent
                    Trust Based upon:
                                   > What is real
                                   > Observation Without Judgment
                                   >  Finding Intrisic Value

Corporate Values

Principles of:
Trust / Love * Equality * Contribution/Support * Maturity
 Personal Power

Corporate and Personal Identity

Culture Training
Organizational Culture for Living:
Passion * Purpose * Skill * Wisdom
Measured by Contribution and Results

Product Knowledge

Defining the Problem and Offering Solutions
Website Knowledge
Infrastructure Knowledge
Demo Products Knowledge

Market Knowledge

Prospect Needs
Development of Content
Infrastructure Knowledge